Codimension Overview

What is Codimension?

Codimension is a free experimental Python 3* IDE licensed under GPL v3, written mostly in Python with a couple of custom modules written in C/C++.

It has most of the traditional IDE features however the main focus of Codimension is on graphics representation of the code control flow. Flowcharts are generated so fast that the process is integrated into a smooth update of the diagram while someone is typing the code. The IDE detects pauses in typing and triggers the flowchart updated.

Codimension studies how the graphics representation of the code can be integrated with the traditional textual representation without sacrificing any of them. Codimension also seeks how the text editing features can be implemented on the graphics view and what new features could be introduced for graphics.


A few screenshots are here.


The IDE list of features is here.

* Python 2 is not supported anymore however old packages are still available.