Codimension is an Open Source project so anyone can join the project and make it better! Regardless of what skills you pose if you want to help the project you will certainly find your way.

If your choice is make some kind of changes (code or graphics) then probably the most convenient start for you would be to make Codimension running from the git clone. How to do that is described here. This will allow you a quick way to make the changes and check them righ away.

Working with Code

If your skills include developing software in Python and/or in C/C++ (or you would like to build up these skills) then most probably you would be interested in participating through coding. You have many options here, e.g.:

Make your choice and we wish you a fun and happy coding!

More details are on the Contributing via Working with Code page.

Non Code

The project is not limited to coding. It is an interactive tool so many decisions of how to interact with the users are made during the development. These decisions may well be not the best and this is the area for the improvements too.

You have many options here as well:

More details are on the Non-Coding Contribution page.


If you have any questions about contributing in the project please direct them to Sergey Satskiy.