Python Code Visualization: Text to Flowcharts

Annotation (April 2017)

The article describes the technology which enables generation of flowchart-like diagrams on the fly while an arbitrary python code is typed. The technology enables not only viewing the diagrams but modifying them as well opening the future for the features which could not be introduced for the text at all.

The article covers the following major areas:


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If you have questions or comments about the presentation please direct them to Sergey Satskiy.


The technology was presented on Python Meetup DC in March 2016. It was supposed to be a two sessions presentation however only the first session took place. The presentation covered pretty much the same topics as the article above (the article is rather an extended version of the presentation plus a more convenient format to read).

Here are the links to the original presentation media which are actually more of the historical rather than practical interests: a pdf version or an online version.