The next thing I would like to discuss is the features which have been implemented and which can be implemented in the future for the flowchart representation of the code.

There is not much what has been done. This is most importantly an auto update of a flowchart when the text is changed and a pause in typing is detected.

Manual synchronization in both directions is implemented as well. If you double click on a graphics item then the appropriate line will become the current one in the text editor. If you are in a text editor and a hot key is pressed then the appropriate graphics item is centered on the graphics pane.

Flowcharts zooming is implemented too.

Flowcharts could be exported in a few formats like PDF, PNG and SVG.

One more implemented feature is a scope navigation bar. When a mouse cursor is hovering a scope, a path to it in terms of scopes is shown in a navigation bar at the top of the view.