I would like to mention a few people who played a certain role in both developing the idea of two way code representation and the implementation of the tool which proves the feasibility of the approach.

First of all it is Detlev Offenbach, the author of the Eric 4 Python IDE. That was a great jump start for Codimension. Some code and some ideas were borrowed from Eric 4.

Obviously there are numerous packages which Codimension uses and I would like to thank their respective authors.

My colleague at NCBI Dima Kazimirov helped me with a Codimension logo and with initial packaging.

Ilya Loginov helped with packaging for a certain period of time. Now Sergey Fukanchik covers packaging.

And finally I would like to thank David McElhany – one more my colleague at NCBI – for the valuable discussions, sharing ideas some of which are implemented, testing Codimension, etc.